Measuring, rating, supporting, and strengthening open access scholarly publishing in Brazil

Silvio Carvalho Neto, John Willinsky, Juan Pablo Alperin
2016 Education Policy Analysis Archives  
This study assesses the extent and nature of open access scholarly publishing in Brazil, one of the world's leaders in providing universal access to its research and scholarship. It utilizes Brazil's Qualis journal evaluation system, along with other relevant data bases to address the association between scholarly quality and open access in the Brazilian context. Through cross tabulation among these various data sets, it is possible to arrive at a reasonably accurate picture of journals,
more » ... of journals, systems, ratings, and disciplines. The study establishes reliable measures and counts of Brazilian scholarly publications, the proportion and types of open access, and journals ratings and by disciplinary field. It finds that the better the Brazilian journal, the more likely it is to be open access. It also finds that Qualis ranks Brazilian journals lower overall than the international journals in which Brazilian authors publish, most notably in the field of the biological sciences. The study concludes with a consideration of the policy implications for building on the country's global leadership in open access to strengthen the quality of its global contribution to knowledge.
doi:10.14507/epaa.24.2391 fatcat:q5zprntiovfchjvrcqidkdhlv4