Correlation of CD4 counts and CD4/CD8 ratio with HIV-infection associated oral manifestations

F M A Butt, V P Vaghela, M L Chindia
2007 East African Medical Journal  
The relationship between oral lesions arising from HIV infection and CD4/CD8 cell ratios is of relevance in clinical assessment of immune suppression. To correlate the prevalence of oral manifestations arising from HIV infection and the levels of CD4/CD8 cell ratios. A cross-sectional study. Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya. Two hundred and seven HIV-infected patients in medical wards were recruited in the study. Seventy eight (37.7%) were male and 129 (62.3%) female, with an age
more » ... e, with an age range of 18-73 years (mean=34.81 years). Oral manifestations encountered with highest prevalence in the oral cavity included: hyperplastic candidosis (labial mucosa) 15%, erythematous candidosis (gingival) 5%, angular cheilitis 32.4%, herpes simplex (corner of the mouth) 0.5%, persistent oral ulceration (labial mucosa) 0.5%, Parotid enlargement 2% and Kaposis sarcoma (hard/soft palate) 2.9%. The prevalence of oral manifestations was higher with low CD4 count <200 cell/mm3 and mean CD4/CD8<0.39(95%CI 0.32-0.48).
pmid:17970007 fatcat:aitzxdnzx5c6flobu4ndwmv7pq