Antiviral agents - some current developments

D. Shugar
1985 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
The following is a brief overview of the present stage of development of chemotherapy of viral diseases, based on the use of both natural and synthetic products which selectively or preferentially interfere with viral replication in the host cell. Particular attention is devoted to the use of riucleoside analogues, many of which are known to inhibit defined step(s) in the biosinthesic path.ways of nucleic acids. Illustrative examples include several off.-the-.shelf compounds like pyrophosphate
more » ... nalogues and amantadine natural products from marine sources, the inter.feron (2.-5)A system, nucleoside analogues such as ribavirin, areA, 5.-bromovinyl.-2 ' oxyuridine , and various acyclonucle.oside analogues. Included are descriptions of what is known about the mode of action of some of these, the relevant enzymes involved, and perspectives for further research.
doi:10.1351/pac198557030423 fatcat:sxzvbhewhvadtnacn3h24zzu7q