Oryslava Bilyk
2022 Germanic Philology Journal of Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University  
The article deals with the topic of teaching professionally oriented English writing skills. Such skills play an important role in our present-day world, helping IT-professionals to communicate the ideas to the addressee in a lexically, grammatically and stylistically accurate way The written form of business correspondence demands fluency from IT-students as well as mastering lexico-grammatical competence in writing e-mails, messages, posts on electronic bulletin boards, memos, business
more » ... , letters, proposals, press releases, etc. In order to prepare the competitive future professionals, to develop relevant writing skills and abilities of further learning and applying the acquired knowledge in professional activities for performing their duties, lexico-grammatical competence should be mastered at a sufficiently high level while doing correspondence with external suppliers, foreign companies and entrepreneurs. The purpose of the study is to help IT-students to develop English lexico-grammatical competence in professionally oriented written communication by means of writing exercises. As the process of the formation of English lexico-grammatical competence in professionally-oriented writing of future IT-specialists is quite complex, it has been proved that it should be organized in three stages: receptive, receptive-reproductive and productive. At each stage certain writing skills should be developed which can further be applied in specific situations of written communication. It has been emphasized that special attention should be paid to modeling the process of writing by finding effective ways of expressing thoughts and ideas, choosing the appropriate vocabulary and grammatical patterns. The specially designed exercises will help teach IT-students the most up-to-date information technology-related words and expressions, grammatical structures as well as create their own writing messages.
doi:10.31861/gph2022.835-836.3-10 fatcat:phw5reckdzcadkrzauuw67tfjy