A Novel Method of Head Tracking Curser Control System Using Open CV

Nikhil, Tripty Singh, Mithun
2014 unpublished
This project aims at controlling the cursor moving on the desktop by monitoring head movements. Imaging is done by a camera fixed at a key position, which is used to determine the relative shift in the head position of the user. Once the current visual orientation of the user is determined, the calculation involves conversion from the image space to 3D Cartesian coordinates. A led head gear is attached to the person head to track the movements of the head which may contain four leds initially
more » ... ur leds initially we will set a caliberation position and based on the movements we can exactly track in which direction motion of the head occurred and based on that we will simulate cursor movements by comparing adjacent frames, we can perform various mouse operations like left click, right click, navigation based on blink of the eye and head movements.