Algorithm 907

Timothy A. Davis, Ekanathan Palamadai Natarajan
2010 ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software  
KLU is a software package for solving sparse unsymmetric linear systems of equations that arise in circuit simulation applications. It relies on a permutation to Block Triangular Form (BTF), several methods for finding a fill-reducing ordering (variants of approximate minimum degree and nested dissection), and Gilbert/Peierls' sparse left-looking LU factorization algorithm to factorize each block. The package is written in C and includes a MATLAB interface. Performance results comparing KLU
more » ... SuperLU, Sparse 1.3, and UMFPACK on circuit simulation matrices are presented. KLU is the default sparse direct solver in the Xyce TM circuit simulation package developed by Sandia National Laboratories. ACM Reference Format: Davis, T. A. and Palamadai Natarajan, E. 2010. Algorithm 907: KLU, A direct sparse solver for circuit simulation problems.
doi:10.1145/1824801.1824814 fatcat:4j6zqxksszgcnhdmiuluqovmdm