A Study of Discourse System of National Image Construction

Liang Xiaobo, Tan Juling
2017 Sinología hispánica  
<p align="LEFT">The construction of discourse is</p><p align="LEFT">indispensable to the construction of national</p><p align="LEFT">image to a large extent, particularly a set of</p><p align="LEFT">discourse built from various perspectives. It</p><p align="LEFT">must pertain to the real fact of the country and</p><p align="LEFT">to the needs of her future development. More</p><p align="LEFT">importantly, it must be effective. Considering</p><p align="LEFT">the characteristics of the national
more » ... age and its</p><p align="LEFT">construction discourse, the discourse system of</p><p align="LEFT">our country's national image needs, first of all,</p><p align="LEFT">to have a good treatment of the core</p><p align="LEFT">characteristics of our country's national image;</p><p align="LEFT">meanwhile, it also needs to have a good</p><p align="LEFT">handling of the basic characteristics of our</p><p align="LEFT">country's national image. Specifically speaking,</p><p align="LEFT">it is necessary to take in account of factors like</p><p align="LEFT">ethnicity, culture, politics, space-time and</p><p>cognition of national image discourse for one</p><p align="LEFT">thing; it is also necessary to take into account</p><p align="LEFT">such factors as stability, multi-dimension,</p><p align="LEFT">inheritance and creation, and the crisis</p><p align="LEFT">coordination of national image discourse for</p><p>another.</p>
doi:10.18002/sin.v4i1.5267 fatcat:fz7jed4lardl3ns3p3zmij3ko4