Fuzzy Logic-Based Adaptive Control of Specific Growth Rate in Fed-Batch Biotechnological Processes. A Simulation Study

Mantas Butkus, Jolanta Repšytė, Vytautas Galvanauskas
2020 Applied Sciences  
This article presents the development and application of a distinct adaptive control algorithm that is based on fuzzy logic and was used to control the specific growth rate (SGR) in a fed-batch biotechnological process. The developed control algorithm was compared with two adaptive control systems that were based on a model-free adaptive technique and gain scheduling technique. A typical mathematical model of recombinant Escherichia coli fed-batch cultivation process was selected to evaluate
more » ... performance of the fuzzy-based control algorithm. The investigated control techniques performed similarly when considering the whole process duration. The adaptive PI controller with fuzzy-based parameter adaptation demonstrated advantages over the previously mentioned algorithms—especially when compensating the deviations of the SGR. These deviations usually occur when the equipment malfunctions or process disturbances take place. The fuzzy-based control system was stable within the investigated ranges. It was determined that, regarding control quality, the investigated control algorithms are suited to control the SGR in a fed-batch biotechnological process. However, substrate feeding rate manipulation and limitation needs to be used. Taking into account the time needed to design and tune the controller, the developed controller is suitable for practical applications when expert knowledge is available. The proposed algorithm can be further adapted and developed to control the SGR in other cell cultivations while running the process under substrate limitation conditions.
doi:10.3390/app10196818 fatcat:ek7tn5fshngb3gvgktggn7yypm