UC Berkeley Berkeley Planning Journal Title Nuevos Agentes Sociales, Nuevos Espacios Urbanos y Las Posibilidades Permalink Publication Date

De Las, Artes Visuales, Tijuana
2008 unpublished
This article explores the relationship between the society and city of Tijuana and the practice of visual arts. The trans-border space is a laboratory that stimulate � of creative abilities because of its dynamic nature, high level of contrast, precariousness, extreme asymmetry, interdependence, interaction and its innovative and humanizing spirit. In this context, art is shown to convert into salvation and freedom, creativity becomes a vital impulse, an act of survival, and the creator (the
more » ... the creator (the visual artist in particular) is a true agent of social change. In this article, the role of visual artists in the redefinition of the city, its dynamics and possibilities for change is also discussed. The arguments are supported through examples of artistic practice of some significant artists and projects in Tijuana.