Frashid Moghaddam, Abu Bakar, Abdul Hamid, Ali Timouri
2013 Corresponding Address: International Journal of Business and Marketing   unpublished
Emerging markets offer considerable opportunities for the consumption of the wealthy countries goods and services. In the international trade, emerging markets are increasingly becoming the drivers of the world economy. However, it is obvious that the business conditions and institutional frameworks in emerging market differ greatly from familiar markets in developed economies. The researchers considered marketing strategy is one of major elements of export performance. In this study, the
more » ... is study, the export marketing strategies are classified to price strategy, product strategy, promotion strategy, place strategy. The main purpose of this paper is to help exporting companies to increase the performance of their activities through appropriate export marketing strategy in emerging markets. From the total questioner only 79 responses are returned. Statistical analyses using SPSS were carried out to confirm or reject the hypotheses. The results proved that price, place, promotion, and product marketing strategy have positive and significant effect on firm export performance. The results ascribe a firm's positive export performance to implementation of a proper and successful export marketing strategy. This finding justify export marketing strategy was considered as one of important factor leading to improve export performance and they played as particular role in exporting to emerging markets.