Radiation and chemical reaction effects on isothermal vertical oscillating plate with variable mass diffusion

Manivannan Kaliappan, Muthucumaraswamy Rajamanickam, Thangaraj Venu
2009 Thermal Science  
The un steady flow of a vis cous in com press ible flow past an in fi nite iso ther mal ver tical os cil lat ing plate, in the pres ence of ther mal ra di a tion and ho mo ge neous chem ical re ac tion of first or der has been stud ied. The fluid con sid ered here is a gray, absorb ing-emit ting ra di a tion but a non-scat ter ing me dium. The plate tem per a ture is raised to T w and the con cen tra tion level near the plate is raised lin early with re spect to time. An ex act so lu tion to
more » ... dimensionless gov ern ing equa tions has been obtained by the Laplace trans form method, when the plate is os cil lat ing har mon i cally in its own plane. The ef fects of ve loc ity, tem per a ture, and con cen tra tion are stud ied for dif fer ent phys i cal pa ram e ters like phase an gle, ra di a tion pa ram e ter, chem i cal re ac tion pa ram e ter, Schmidt num ber, ther mal Grashof num ber, mass Grashof num ber, and time are stud ied graph i cally. It is ob served that the ve loc ity in creases with de creas ing phase an gle wt.
doi:10.2298/tsci0902155m fatcat:odn5ikvbabegtim7jh2x73sxmi