Solid-state microwave irradiation synthesis of high quality graphenenanosheets under hydrogen containing atmosphere

Sang-Hoon Park, Seong-Min Bak, Kwang-Heon Kim, Jong-Pil Jegal, Sang-Ick Lee, Jaeho Lee, Kwang-Bum Kim
2011 Journal of Materials Chemistry  
List of Video included Video_Fig 1.AVI Description of the supplementary movie provided The supplementary movie is real time in .avi format. The video is a supplementary description of Fig. 1 of the manuscript, which shows the entire sequence of the exfoliation process of a mixture of graphite oxide (GO) and graphene nanosheets (GNS) during solid-state microwave irradiation synthesis. The GO/GNS mixture in a quartz bottle placed inside a microwave oven (Mars 5, CEM) was exposed to microwaves at
more » ... d to microwaves at 1600 W. The video was taken in front of the microwave oven window using a Panasonic digital camera. The video consists of two parts: the exfoliation of GO in the mixture and the microwave arcing in the mixture. In the first part, the exfoliation of GO in the mixture was captured during the solid-state microwave irradiation synthesis under pulsed irradiation mode. The explosion of GO in the mixture was observed with huge volume expansion followed by the several mild exfoliations of GO/GNS powder. In the second part, the microwave arcing in the mixture was captured after the exfoliation of GO. Upon the further microwave irradiation after the exfoliation of GO, a white light appeared probably due to arc evolution from the product powder in the quartz bottle.
doi:10.1039/c0jm01007c fatcat:jg5kk2b26vfnnmdttmiejqmsoi