Developmental changes in the protein and mRNA content of a p115/transcytosis-associated protein in the bovine mammary gland

A Watanabe
2000 Journal of Endocrinology  
We measured the amounts of a vesicular transport factor, p115/transcytosis-associated protein (p115/TAP) and its mRNA, in mammary glands from cows in which lactation was induced hormonally. The highest level of p115/TAP mRNA, determined by Northern blotting, was detected in the developing stage. In contrast to the mRNA level, the amount of protein, determined by immunoblot analysis using anti-p115/TAP antibodies raised against a p115/TAP-derived recombinant fusion protein, was higher during the
more » ... lactating stages than at other times. Immunohistochemical study showed that p115/TAP was predominantly localized in mammary epithelial cells. The p115/TAP was also detected in tissues other than the mammary gland but, in contrast to the situation in the mammary gland, the protein and its mRNA levels in those tissues were independent of the stage of lactation. The increased level of p115/TAP mRNA during the developing stage and the maintenance of p115/TAP protein during lactation suggest that the synthesis of p115/TAP is regulated during mammary development and differentiation, and also that the protein is involved in a function related to lactation.
doi:10.1677/joe.0.1660319 pmid:10927621 fatcat:hh6tbrnwtvgutavanjreplbtyy