Empirical study on mental stress among healthcare staffs and the influencing workplace stressors

Aws Khasawneh, Hiba Malkawi, Shereen Ababneh, Omar Al-Araidah, Gul Okudan Kremer
2021 Engineering Management in Production and Services  
This study provides empirical indicators on the presence of alarming mental stress levels among healthcare staffs as a result of the work environment. The study uses a comprehensive survey to identify work stressors and to addresses stress symptoms and coping behaviours among the healthcare givers in Jordan as a case study. The study aims to direct management's attention to work conditions that largely contribute to increasing mental stresses among their healthcare staffs. Moreover, the study
more » ... entifies out stress symptoms that employees, team leaders and managers should not ignore to help their fellow workers cope with their stresses through legitimate coping behaviours. A total of 300 responses from 176 nurses, 45 technicians and 79 physicians from three hospitals with high patient flows were included in the statistical analyses. Results demonstrate that stressors related to high job demands, especially long working hours, have the highest impact on the development of stress among surveyed caregivers. Job-demand stressors were the most significant predictor of the symptom recurrence level with a β = 0.334. Continual tiredness and frequent headaches were the most frequent stress symptoms. Taking unprescribed medications, smoking tobacco, and faking reasons to take time off were the most common behaviours to relieve stress. This study contributes to the literature theoretically and practically. From a theoretical perspective, the study provides a comprehensive survey that captures the symptoms, relieve behaviours and work-related causes of stress. From the practical perspective, the study helps care providers and healthcare managers address and resolve work stressors and help their staff adopt healthy behaviours to relieve their stresses.
doi:10.2478/emj-2021-0012 fatcat:nx2wp2ygj5ainkrc2y5qnyclty