Leaking Women: A Genealogy of Gendered and Racialized Flow

Michelle Fine
2019 Genealogy  
Through a feminist and critical race analytic, this paper theorizes the disruptions evoked by leaky women—actually doubly leaky women—those whose nipples, peri-menopausal uterus' and mouths have "leaked" in ways that rupture/stain/expose the white-patriarchal-capitalist enclosure of work, home and the streets and then dared to leak again by suing for justice in court. In a closing coda, I address the race/class policing dynamics between she who leaks and the "respectable" [usually white] women
more » ... ecruited to plaster up the hole and cauterize the leaker.
doi:10.3390/genealogy3010009 fatcat:qdp72mxa7nbdznoakzykr4io64