Development of Rotary Transfer Forming Device for Process Reduction in Forming
프레스 공정 단축을 위한 회전식 트랜스퍼 성형장치 개발

Seung-Gi Kim, Jae-Woong Youn
2014 Journal of the korean society of manufacturing technology engineers  
Article history: Although the transfer forming process has various advantages, it is also inefficient for the use of multiple press machines, especially for small part sizes. In this study, a new forming process was proposed to use multiple tandem dies in a single press machine. A rotary transfer forming device was developed to combine the advantages of the progressive and transfer forming process. In this study, a detailed forming process using this device was analyzed, and the device was
more » ... the device was designed to perform four series of tandem forming processes in a single press. In order to analyze the feasibility of this forming process, simple forming dies were made. As a result, the position accuracy was 4 arcsec, and the forming speed reached up to 20 strokes per minute. It is thought that this rotary transfer forming device can help to save initial setup costs through the more efficient use of space in a press machine.
doi:10.7735/ksmte.2014.23.5.413 fatcat:vvbih2yhczeinkhjk3eblmlp2e