Generalized path dependent representations for gauge theories

Marat C. Reyes
2007 Journal of Mathematical Physics  
A set of differential operators acting by continuous deformations on path dependent functionals of open and closed curves is introduced. Geometrically, these path operators are interpreted as infinitesimal generators of curves in the base manifold of the gauge theory. They furnish a representation with the action of the group of loops having a fundamental role. We show that the path derivative, which is covariant by construction, satisfies the Ricci and Bianchi identities. Also, we provide a
more » ... so, we provide a geometrical derivation of covariant Taylor expansions based on particular deformations of open curves. The formalism includes, as special cases, other path dependent operators such as end point derivatives and area derivatives.
doi:10.1063/1.2716991 fatcat:piu2zhklhjgv7gbbprr25xgmbi