Zhiwei Ai, Yi Cao, Huawei Wang, Li Xiao
2020 14th International Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization, Computer Vision and Image Processing   unpublished
The analysis of beam divergence mechanism during laser plasma propagation is one of the hot topics research. Among them, laser spot detection and characteristic analysis is one of the important indicators to evaluate the energy distribution of the exit surface of the propagation system. The channel environmental factors during the plasma laser transmission are complex and changeable. This scene will cause distortion of the laser spot, making it difficult to achieve spot detection and precise
more » ... lysis of characteristics. This paper presents a novel visual analysis method to study the beam divergence mechanism. First, the dynamic threshold segmentation method is used to analyze the numerical simulation data to generate a laser spot image. Second, the use of image edge detection technology to achieve spot contour drawing based on image pixels. The above two key technologies have been applied to the accurately positioning of the spot contour and the analysis of the spatial distribution characteristics of the spot. Experiments show that this technique is helpful to verify the correctness of the physical model of the laser plasma interaction simulation program, and is also effective.
doi:10.33965/cgv2020_202011l004 fatcat:fznosmgz7fghjmmeniubrq4aym