Mu-tau reflection symmetry with a texture-zero

C. C. Nishi, B. L. Sánchez-Vega
2017 Journal of High Energy Physics  
The μτ-reflection symmetry is a simple symmetry capable of predicting all the unknown CP phases of the lepton sector and the atmospheric angle but too simple to predict the absolute neutrino mass scale or the mass ordering. We show that by combining it with a discrete abelian symmetry in a nontrivial way we can additionally enforce a texture-zero and obtain a highly predictive scenario where the lightest neutrino mass is fixed to be in the few meV range for two normal ordering (NO) solutions or
more » ... in the tens of meV in one inverted ordering (IO) solution. The rate for neutrinoless double beta decay is predicted to be negligible for NO or have effective mass m_ββ≈ 14 -- 29 meV for IO, right in the region to be probed in future experiments.
doi:10.1007/jhep01(2017)068 fatcat:7ep64hjaqzayjkfw7qdjtu3cea