Coupling between LO phonons and electronic excitations of quantum dots

P. A. Knipp, T. L. Reinecke, A. Lorke, M. Fricke, P. M. Petroff
1997 Physical Review B (Condensed Matter)  
The far-infrared response of self-assembled In x Ga 1Ϫx As quantum dots located a distance from a twodimensional Al x Ga 1Ϫx As/GaAs interface has been studied as a function of magnetic field. An avoided crossing at about 45 meV, which involves the lowest electronic transition of the dots, has been observed. Calculations of the interaction between the excitations of these quantum dots and the LO phonons of the Al x Ga 1Ϫx As/GaAs interface have been made, and the resulting splitting has been
more » ... litting has been found to be in agreement with the experimental results. The calculated dependence of the magnitude of the splitting on the separation between the dots and the nearest interface is consistent with the experimental results. ͓S0163-
doi:10.1103/physrevb.56.1516 fatcat:x3ls2cmgnzf2jfmshntqiiq33y