Potential of Deep Learning Methods for Deep Level Particle Characterization in Crystallization

Janine Lins, Thomas Harweg, Frank Weichert, Kerstin Wohlgemuth
2022 Applied Sciences  
Crystalline particle properties, which are defined throughout the crystallization process chain, are strongly tied to the quality of the final product bringing along the need of detailed particle characterization. The most important characteristics are the size, shape and purity, which are influenced by agglomeration. Therefore, a pure size determination is often insufficient and a deep level evaluation regarding agglomerates and primary crystals bound in agglomerates is desirable as basis to
more » ... crease the quality of crystalline products. We present a promising deep learning approach for particle characterization in crystallization. In an end-to-end fashion, the interactions and processing steps are minimized. Based on instance segmentation, all crystals containing single crystals, agglomerates and primary crystals in agglomerates are detected and classified with pixel-level accuracy. The deep learning approach shows superior performance to previous image analysis methods and reaches a new level of detail. In experimental studies, L-alanine is crystallized from aqueous solution. A detailed description of size and number of all particles including primary crystals is provided and characteristic measures for the level of agglomeration are given. This can lead to a better process understanding and has the potential to serve as cornerstone for kinetic studies.
doi:10.3390/app12052465 fatcat:rpqynk3tufdghnthyjax3zkobu