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2021 Molecular Cancer Therapeutics  
Cytidine analogs remain an area of active drug discovery and development with five FDA-approved drugs. Herein F-aza-T-dCyd (NSC801845), a novel fluorine-containing cytidine analog, is first disclosed and compared in cell culture and human tumor xenograft studies with gemcitabine and several investigational cytidine agents currently undergoing clinical development. In the 3 of 5 xenograft studies (HCT-116 colon, HL-60 leukemia, PDX BL-0382 bladder), F-aza-T-dCyd produced complete regression of
more » ... e tumors in all mice with a response that proved durable beyond post-implant day. These findings indicate that further development of F-aza-T-dCyd as a potential chemotherapeutic is warranted.
doi:10.1158/1535-7163.623.20.4 fatcat:s23ycnth5nfnrdgi2nkzytjhrm