Measurements of ion‐molecule reactions of He+, H+, and HeH+ with H2 and D2

Rainer Johnsen, Manfred A. Biondi
1974 Journal of Chemical Physics  
A drift tube-mass spectrometer apparatus has been used to determine the rate coefficient, energy dependence and product ions of the reaction He + + H 2 . The total rate coefficient at 300 K is (1.1 t 0.1) x 10-1 3 cm 3 /sec. The reaction proceeds principally (Z 80%) by dissociative charge transfer to produce H+, with the small r~mainder going by charge transfer to produce H2 + and by atom rearrangement to produce HeH+. The rate coefficient increases slowly with increasing ion mean energy,
more » ... mean energy, reaching a value of 2.8 x lO-1 3 cm 3 /sec at 0.18 eV. The corresponding reaction with deuterium, He + + D2, exhibits a value (5 ± 1) x 10-14 cm 3 /sec at 300 K. The reaction rates for conversion of H+ and HeH+ to H3 + on collisions with H 2 molecules are found to agree well with results of previous investigations.
doi:10.1063/1.1682221 fatcat:wxzlhmamzbhq5oohfdhqv53iqq