20-P2-CJK13 Practice of evidence-based medicine by clinical pharmacists

Fang Liu, Suo-di Zhai
The Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences  
Sciences 20-P2-CJK:3 hectice of evidence-based medicine by dinical pharmac;sts C)[.iu Fu"g . n)ai Suo'di Pekiitg Unive]'sity Third Ffospitul Objective/ To analysis the eppli ¢ afion of ev[dencorbased medicine {EBM) in clin keal pharma ¢ y, taking the papers and research vvork of Deparkment of tharmacy, Pckimg Universicy Third Hespteal as an example. Mcrthed/ Llterature database and vvcrk recerds frem am to 2ooS afthe deparkment were searched and interviews vdith the clinicai pharmacists of the
more » ... ieparment weredone,$ea$tecellectpublichedertielesandrelatedsLudiesbasedonEBMThebackground,metheds,endresulasefthestudiesvvereanalysistofindtherelationshipbetweenclinical pharmacy and EBM. Results/ From 2003 to 200S, the departinert published 12 systematke reviews {Sru, all of which vvere derived frern clLmieal ptactice ef the eiinieai pharmacists Six SRs
doi:10.20825/amjsphcs.18.0_477_1 fatcat:we7u7sdnjrh4texsig2x4o4dwm