New Information Inequalities In Terms Of One Parametric Generalized Divergence Measure And Application

K. C. Jain, Praphull Chhabra
2015 Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science  
In this work, firstly we introduce the new information divergence measure, characterize it and get the mathematical relations with other divergences. Further, we introduce new information inequalities on the new generalized f-divergence measure in terms of the well-known one parametric generalized divergence. Further, we obtain bounds of the new divergence and the Relative J-divergence as an application of new information inequalities by using Logarithmic power mean and Identric mean, together
more » ... ric mean, together with numerical verification by taking two discrete probability distributions: Binomial and Poisson. Approximate relations of the new divergence and Relative J-divergence with Chi-square divergence, have been obtained respectively.
doi:10.22436/jmcs.015.01.01 fatcat:4w3bt7bhabaylfteksha2swcya