The development of the information society

Dmitry V. Gribanov, Kseniya E. Kovalenko, Natalia E. Kovalenko
2018 Universidad y Sociedad  
In the late XX - early XXI century a qualitatively new stage of its development has begun in the world, characterized by profound changes in all aspects of human existence and the growth of global crisis. In the world of science, these processes are described as globalization, the formation of the postindustrial world, the information society, as a transition to the noospheric development path; accordingly, controversial assessments of what is happening are expressed and various directions for
more » ... he further development of world civilization are proposed. The development of information technology, and at the same time, the creation of a computer virtual world, is not only an inevitable future, but definitely progress. Global integration of information and telecommunication resources forms a global information infrastructure, the element of which, in particular, is the Russian information structure. The aggregate of all national information structures serves as a prerequisite for the creation of a global knowledge base, which turns out to be the productive force of modern society. However, this situation arose in connection with the expansion of the capabilities of modern technologies. Global technology of society poses the problem of its total technological determination, leading to a change in the existing type of sociability
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