Centrality dependence of kaon yields inSi+Aand Au+Au collisions at relativistic energies

L. Ahle, Y. Akiba, K. Ashktorab, M. Baker, D. Beavis, P. Beery, H. C. Britt, B. Budick, J. Chang, C. Chasman, Z. Chen, C. Y. Chi (+77 others)
1999 Physical Review C  
Charged kaon production has been measured in Si+Al and Si+Au collisions at 14.6 A GeV/c, and Au+Au collisions at 11.1 A GeV/c by Experiments 859 and 866 (the E--802 Collaboration) at the BNL AGS. Invariant transverse mass spectra and rapidity distributions for both K+ and K- are presented. The centrality dependence of rapidity-integrated kaon yields is studied. Strangeness enhancement is observed as an increase in the slope of the kaon yield with the total number of participants as well as the
more » ... ield per participant. The enhancement starts with peripheral Si+Al and Si+Au collisions (relative to N+N) and appears to saturate for a moderate number of participating nucleons in Si+Au collisions. It is also observed to increase slowly with centrality in Au+Au collisions, to a level in the most central Au+Au collisions that is greater than that found in central Si+A collisions. The enhancement factor for K^+ production are 3.0 +-0.2(stat.) +-0.4(syst.) and 4.0 +-0.3(stat.) +-0.5(syst.), respectively, for the most central 7 most central 4 energy.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.60.044904 fatcat:y7sw6oirsbcaddcdz6tvbp6szq