Medea – or the Fantasies of the Woman within Us

Oana Botezatu Sandu
2019 Theatrical Colloquia  
From generation to generation, the theatre teacher stands in front of a new experience and that is why, each time, they have to approach the group of students by a different manner, trying to find common points, the binder that unites the team, to determine it to function flawlessly, united. Taking into account that each student comes with different life experiences, a different personality from the other actors, different visions and expectations, the teacher has the difficult task, in the
more » ... t stage, to build a team, to make the students aware that everyone should "bring their contribution" on the construction of the show (or exam), to help, to listen, to be present and involved. The stage is not a personal fight, but a battle of ideas, which helps us to evolve, grow professionally and this is why the theatre performance cannot be made in a hostile, conflicting environment. This is how, precisely because of this need to unite a divided group made up of extremely talented students, but with totally different and powerful personalities, the acting teacher suggests as a study theme for the first semester ancient theatre, forcing the team to be together throughout the rehearsals and the show-examination on the stage, giving the choir's soul and voice, to listen, to take over and to put, each of them, a brick in the construction of the main character, which, through the directorial vision, belonged to all and not to a single performer. This is how a merged, united team and a festival performance were built: Medea.
doi:10.2478/tco-2019-0022 fatcat:n2ievhzf7vd3xiystcz7mfzxni