Comparative Analysis of Cascade H-Bridge Multilevel Voltage Source Inverter

V Hiral, Sabhaya
2015 Vishal S Sheth International Journal of Electronics, Electrical and Computational System IJEECS ISSN 2348-117X   unpublished
In a real field, there are so many limitations in extracting power from renewable energy resources. To fulfil the power demand and scarcity of power, we have to improve the power extracting methods. Multilevel inverter is widely used to extract power from solar cells. It synthesizes the desired ac output from several dc sources.This paper presents a comparative analysis of different cascade H-Bridge multilevel inverter topology in which a low switching frequency is used for taking up the
more » ... aking up the advantages of the low frequency, such as low thermal stress and high conversion efficiency. The inverter is operated on fundamental frequency switching strategy. The present topologies provide high quality output power due to its more output levels, low thermal stress and high conversion efficiency. This characteristic allowsachieving high-quality output voltages and output currents and also immense availability because of their intrinsic switches redundancy.This paper represents the comparative analysis in terms of THD and FFT of different level topologies. The different Multi level Inverter Topologies are simulated in PSIM.