Synergy of Active- and Passive Remote Sensing: An Approach to Reconstruct Three-Dimensional Cloud Macro- and Microphysics [post]

Lucas Höppler, Felix Gödde, Manuel Gutleben, Tobias Kölling, Bernhard Mayer, Tobias Zinner
2020 unpublished
<p><strong>Abstract.</strong> This paper presents a method to retrieve three-dimensional cumulus cloud macro- and microphysics measured by remote sensing instruments on the German research aircraft HALO. This is achieved by combining our hyper-spectral pushbroom spectrometer specMACS with active and passive remote sensing instruments, such as a lidar, a microwave radiometer, a radar and dropsondes. Two-dimensional cloud information such as cloud size, optical thickness,
more » ... l thickness, effective radius and thermodynamic phase are retrieved by specMACS with established remote sensing methods. Information of the other active and passive remote sensing instruments with a smaller field-of-view are mapped to the wider specMACS swath following Barker et al. (2011). The combination of specMACS with passive and active remote sensing quantities, for example, the Cloud Top Height from lidar measurements, allows new possibilities: three-dimensional cloud macrophysics can be reconstructed. Applying a sub-adiabatic microphysical model constrained with measurements allows to extend the measured quantities to a three-dimensional representation of microphysics. A consistency check by means of a three-dimensional radiative transfer simulation of the specMACS observations of these derived three-dimensional cloud fields shows good agreement.</p>
doi:10.5194/amt-2020-49 fatcat:ds6hjb5sqfcvrngk3k27j3zqrm