DeltaStream: A 36 channel low noise, large dynamic range silicon detector readout ASIC optimised for large detector capacitance [article]

A Elliot-Peisert, A Go, S Reynaud, B Löfstedt, C Palomares, D Barney, Kostas C Kloukinas, P Bloch, N Tzoulis, P Aspell
DeltaStream is a 36 channel pre-amplifier and shaper ASIC that provides low noise, charge to voltage readout for capacitive sensors over a large dynamic range. The chip has been designed in the DMILL BiCMOS radiation tolerant technology for the CMS Preshower project. Two gain settings are possible. High gain (HG), has gain ~30 mV/MIP (7.5 mV/fC) for a dynamic range of 0.1 to 50 MIPS (0.4 fC -200 fC) and low gain (LG), has gain ~4 mV/MIP (1 mV/fC) for a dynamic range of 1 to 400 MIPS (4 fC -1600
more » ... 00 MIPS (4 fC -1600 fC). The peaking time is ~25 ns and the noise has been measured at ~ENC = 680 e + 28 e/pF. Each channel contains a track & hold circuit to sample the peak voltage followed by an analog multiplexer operating up to 20 MHz. The response of the signal is linear throughout the system. The design and measured results for an input capacitance < 52 pF are presented.
doi:10.5170/cern-2001-005.295 fatcat:kgfbkkyt4rbpxj73gztz37w2ee