Analysis of the Number of Population, the Number of Unemployment and Human Development Index (HDI) on Poverty Level in District / City of Bengkulu Province Indonesia

Handoko Hadiyanto, Purmini
2022 Zenodo  
The objectives of this research are to analyze the influence of the number of population, the number of unemployment and Human Development Index (HDI) to poverty level in Bengkulu Province Indonesia. The types and sources of data used in this study was secondary data. The method of analysis used the data panel analysis as a data processing tool by using Eviews program. With the Common effect approach, Fixed Effect Model Approach, and Random Effect Model Approach. Based on the result of data
more » ... ysis, the result of the research show that the regression analysis of panel data yields the conclusion that equation with the right fixed effect model used.The calculation of panel analysis is obtained from the equation of fixed effect model as follows: Y = 1.584864 - 5,206005 X1 + 0,282030 X2 + 0.000173 X3. Based on the F test the probability F value obtained is 0.0000 (smaller than α = 0.05). Thus we can reject H0 and draw the conclusion that the number of population, the number of unemployment and HDI variables simultaneously or together significantly influence poverty level in Bengkulu district/ city. Partially the number of population (X1), and the number of unemployment (X2) have significant influence to poverty level (Y) whereas HDI (X3) has insignificant influence on poverty level (Y) in District / City of Bengkulu significant (α = 0 , 05) with value R2 equal to 0,991.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.7457361 fatcat:qsrvsq52xrajnbgldakpmlfws4