Numerical Investigation of the Influence of Supersonic Flow on Muzzle Combustion

Zhiqun Sun, Qiang Li, Pu Qu
2023 Physics of Fluids  
To further understand the muzzle combustion mechanism in high-altitude firing, the influence of supersonic flow on the muzzle combustion phenomenon is investigated. The set of internal ballistic equations is employed, providing accurate velocity and pressure when the projectile moves to the muzzle. The multispecies transport Navier-Stokes equations with complex chemical reactions is solved by coupling a real gas equation of state, the Soave-Redlich-Kwong Model, and a detailed chemical reaction
more » ... inetic model. The development of muzzle flow with chemical reaction is simulated. The interaction of chemical reactions with the muzzle flow field is obtained by numerical simulation in order to explain the muzzle combustion phenomenon of fire at supersonic flight. The mechanism of muzzle combustion influenced by supersonic incoming flow is analyzed in detail. It is demonstrated from the results that the shock wave and the expansion of the jet are restrained so that the combustion is compressed behind the projectile, at the same time generating a second region of combustion behind the muzzle under the influence of supersonic incoming flow.
doi:10.1063/5.0131900 fatcat:tck6uhkkovdfnj6bznwyzw6ote