Statistical Approach of Gene Set Analysis with Quantitative Trait Loci for Crop Gene Expression Studies

Samarendra Das, Shesh N. Rai
2021 Entropy  
Genome-wide expression study is a powerful genomic technology to quantify expression dynamics of genes in a genome. In gene expression study, gene set analysis has become the first choice to gain insights into the underlying biology of diseases or stresses in plants. It also reduces the complexity of statistical analysis and enhances the explanatory power of the obtained results from the primary downstream differential expression analysis. The gene set analysis approaches are well developed in
more » ... icroarrays and RNA-seq gene expression data analysis. These approaches mainly focus on analyzing the gene sets with gene ontology or pathway annotation data. However, in plant biology, such methods may not establish any formal relationship between the genotypes and the phenotypes, as most of the traits are quantitative and controlled by polygenes. The existing Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL)-based gene set analysis approaches only focus on the over-representation analysis of the selected genes while ignoring their associated gene scores. Therefore, we developed an innovative statistical approach, GSQSeq, to analyze the gene sets with trait enriched QTL data. This approach considers the associated differential expression scores of genes while analyzing the gene sets. The performance of the developed method was tested on five different crop gene expression datasets obtained from real crop gene expression studies. Our analytical results indicated that the trait-specific analysis of gene sets was more robust and successful through the proposed approach than existing techniques. Further, the developed method provides a valuable platform for integrating the gene expression data with QTL data.
doi:10.3390/e23080945 fatcat:6zjwbfjpajfsjpngw6435ysyze