Ancient Counterparts to Modern Inventions

1882 Scientific American  
402 J. titutifit _ �tUtritllU. ANCIENT COUNTERPARTS TO MODERN INVENTIONS. I actually copied from tbem. Tbis, we bold, with perhaps Tbe statement that Henry VIII. possessed a breech-loader" mre exceptions, is out of tbe qllestion;anri even were it not OR tbe Snider system (Mark II.) and also a muzzle-loading so, considerable credit still attaches to the man wbo can . rifle; tllll t tbe Spanisb Armada carried wrougbt iron breech-seize wbat is' good in a collection of obsolete arms. To
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican12231882-402 fatcat:x4nav534sbc3vkalaxnynbjzcq