Characterization of coal-water slurry fuel sprays from diesel engine injectors [report]

J.A. Caton, K.D. Kihm
1993 unpublished
Experiments were conducted to characterize coal-water slurry fuel sprays from diesel engine injectors. Since the combustion event is a strong function of the fuel spray, full characterization of the spray is a necessity for successful engine design and for modeling of the combustion process. Two experimental facilities were used at TAMU to study the injection of coal slurry fuels. The first experimental facility . incorporates General Electric locomotive engine components (injection pump, fuel
more » ... jection pump, fuel line, and nozzle) and a specially designed diaphragm to separate the abrasive coal slurry fuel from the moving parts of the pump. The second experimental facility is based on an accumulator injector from General Electric. Instrumentation includes instantaneous needle lift and fuel line pressure. A pressurized visualization chamber was used to provide a spray environment which simulated the engine gas density and permitted the use of spray diagnostic techniques.
doi:10.2172/10104865 fatcat:uzcoqn46xjfr3gvei3s4ee6lcm