The Goldbach conjecture resulting from global-local cuspidal representations and deformations of Galois representations [article]

Christian Pierre
2008 arXiv   pre-print
In the basic general frame of the Langlands global program, a local p-adic elliptic semimodule corresponding to a local (left) cuspidal form is constructed from its global equivalent covered by p-th roots. In the same context, global and local bilinear deformations of Galois representations inducing the invariance of their respective residue fields are introduced as well as global and local bilinear quantum deformations leaving invariant the orders of the inertia subgroups. More particularly,
more » ... e inverse quantum deformation of a closed curve responsible for its splitting directly leads to the Goldbach conjecture.
arXiv:0812.0930v1 fatcat:lubepx4tnjf67ga3pa26pv3idi