The marker-assisted breeding of salinity tolerant forms of rice

K. V. Azarin, A. V. Usatov, M. S. Makarenko, V. A. Khachumov, P. I. Kostylev, E. B. Kudashkina
2018 Grain Economy of Russia  
The work deals with the study of DNA-markers for obtaining salinity tolerant rice on the basis of varieties of Russian breeding. In order to validate the informational value of the developed marker system and to obtain new salinity tolerant forms there has been carried out a hybridization of salt sensitive domestic variety 'Novator' with the lines 'IR 52713-2B-8-2B-1-2', 'IR 74099-3R-3-3', 'IR 61920-3B-22-2-1 (NSIC Rc 106)' as the donors of the locus of salinity tolerance SalTol QTL. The
more » ... Tol QTL. The samples salinity response was assessed with 1.0% of NaCl concentrate. The plants were grown in the climatic chamber with the temperature of 26ºС, 70% of humidity and light cycle of 14/10 hours. In 14 days the length of the roots and sprouts and the per cent of seed germination were calculated. The markers 'RM 140', 'RM 237', 'RM 8094', 'RM 8095', 'RM 3412', 'RM 7075', 'RM 8046', 'AUT 10777', 'RM 3412 b', 'RM 10746', 'RM 10782', 'RM 493', 'RM 10776', 'RM 10793' with the locus of salinity tolerance SalTol were used in the SSR-analysis. It has been shown that the co-dominant markers 'RM 493' and 'RM 7075' possess high efficiency during the introduction of the locus SalTol QTL into the domestic varieties of rice. 90 samples have been selected from the plants of the second generation, which were analyzed on the presence of the introduced alleles SalTol with the PCR-method. The DNA-analysis of the hybrids F2, obtained from the hybridization of the highly productive early-maturing variety 'Novator' and the lines-donors of SalTol 'IR 52713-2B-8-2B-1-2', 'IR 74099-3R-3-3', 'IR 61920-3B-22-2-1 (NSIC Rc 106)' determined that 17 samples were salinity tolerant in homozygous state, 29 samples had the allele SalTol in heterozygous state and the rest of the studied plants had only the alleles inherited from the variety 'Novator'.
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