Prevalence of Various Reproductive Disorders in the Foothills of Himalaya

Chandra Prakash Dixit
2020 Journal of Animal Research  
The study was carried out to investigate the incidence of reproductive disorders in Assam region of India. A total of 554 crossbred cows were screened and survey was made to rule out prevalence of reproductive diseases. The risk factors such as age and parity were also taken into account to find the relation with occurrence of reproductive disorders. The anestrus (51.12%), repeat breeding (RB; 33.71%), retention of fetal membrane (RFM; 5.06%), dystocia (4.50%), abortion and cervicovaginal
more » ... ervicovaginal prolapse (2.81%) were recognized as major reproductive disorder in Assam. Age had non-significant (P>0.05) effect in the prevalence of the diseases. However, incidences of anestrus, dystocia and RB, abortion, cervico-vaginal prolapse and RFM were found highest in age group of ≤ 3 and 4-7 and ≥ 8 years, respectively. Parity had significant effect on incidences of anestrus (P<0.05) and RB (P<0.01) however, had no significance effect on other disorders. The result specified adverse climatic condition, low pH of soil, poor managemental practices by dairy producers had contributed in the occurrence of reproductive disorders. Therefore, knowledge regarding the prevalence and factor associated with reproductive diseases could be fruitful to alleviate the problem. HIGHLIGHTS m Incidence of reproductive disorder in crossbred cows was 32.13 per cent. m The anestrus and repeat breeding were most common reproductive disorder in Assam region. m The age and parity were the predisposing factors of infertility
doi:10.30954/2277-940x.04.2020.24 fatcat:o4aufkkxp5aixgp5uv5eipkv2i