FEM Simulation on Integral Hoisting for 49 m Flange Connection Flare Stack Structure
49 m法兰连接式火炬整体吊装有限元校核分析

化钊 李
2016 Mechanical Engineering and Technology  
Knocked down assembly or segmentation hoisting is generally used for flare stack with flange connection structure. This paper presents a novel technology of integral hoisting of flare stack with flange connection structure. In the paper, CATIA finite-element-analysis is used to build the model of flare stack and to simulate working condition in both horizontal and vertical limit states during integral hoisting of flare stack. The strength and stability of flare stack during hoisting is checked
more » ... nd calculated. The dangerous points and weak structures are conducted through the reinforcement treatment to provide evidence for hoisting procedure design and formulation of hoisting plan.
doi:10.12677/met.2016.53033 fatcat:qvd7pewfvrdudbkknpbuicxoui