Acceso, conocimiento y uso de Internet en la universidad. Modelo de diagnóstico y caracterización: Caso Universidad de Antioquia

Conocimiento Y Sociedad Grupo De Investigación Información
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Based upon the research project Access to and Knowledge and Use of the Internet in the University of Antioquia, this paper presents a model that will enable any university to diagnose and analyze its situation relative to the utilization of the Internet as a support medium for instruction, research, extension and administrative management and, consequently, to determine the possible actions that would be necessary in order for the Internet to become a "digital opportunity" in every university.
more » ... his model would also enable each university to address the four great threats or limitations to which universities are often exposed: the digital divide, information and digital illiteracy, the poor quality of the digital information that is so often used (information asymmetry), and information overload (infoxication). The methodology utilized in this study included the following steps: creation of a matrix for the information compiled, definition of the macroconcepts-macrovariables of analysis, the state of the art on the subject, the contextualization of the situation of the university, the selection of the sample group, and, finally, the recommendations to the agencies. As a general conclusion, this study notes the urgent necessity for all of the universities to assume, as one of their principal strategies for action, the incorporation of the TIC and the Internet into their tools and services as well as their mission statements. This incorporation must include the integration of plans, programs, and projects and ongoing evaluation.Teniendo como precedente la investigación Acceso, conocimiento y uso de Internet en la Universidad de Antioquia, se busca presentar un modelo aplicable para cualquier universidad, que permita diagnosticar y caracterizar su situación en relación con la utilización de Internet como medio de apoyo para sus procesos de docencia, investigación, extensión y gestión administrativa y, por ende, determinar qué posibles acciones serían necesarias implementar para lograr que Internet, en cada univer [...]
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