Offshore DC Grids as an Interconnection of Radial Systems: Protection and Control Aspects

Dragan Jovcic, Mohsen Taherbaneh, Jean-Pierre Taisne, Samuel Nguefeu
2015 IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid  
This article presents a topology for DC grids which enables very robust DC fault protection with moderate costs, good operating flexibility and simple controls. It is postulated that radial DC systems are best suited for limited-size local DC grids. Radial topology enables robust and fast protection selectivity using only local signals and exploiting the advantages of hybrid DC circuit breakers. To enable flexible expansion options to national/international systems, it is suggested to
more » ... gested to interconnect star points of radial systems using DC/DC converters. DC/DC converters enable inherent isolation of DC faults and provide firewall between radial DC grids. Each interconnecting cable is protected by a DC/DC at one end and a hybrid Circuit Breaker at the other end. The control options for DC/DC converter and the radial grids are analysed. A detailed simulation model of 6 terminal DC grid with 2-star points is presented. The PSCAD simulation results confirm DC fault isolation and good control performance of the proposed topology for a range of DC fault contingencies.
doi:10.1109/tsg.2014.2365542 fatcat:yq2owg67qvaqpkbdunmseglgky