Biosynthesis of GlyCAM-1, a Mucin-like Ligand for L-Selectin

Deirdre Crommie, Steven D. Rosen
1995 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
L-selectin, a member of the selectin family of leukocyte-endothelial adhesion proteins, mediates the initial attachment of lymphocytes to lymph node high endothelial venules during lymphocyte recirculation. One of the endothelial-associated ligands for L-selectin is Gly-CAM-1, a mucin-like glycoprotein, which presents novel sulfated, sialylated and fucosylated O-glycans. In order to understand the generation of these glycans, we have examined the biosynthesis of GlyCAM-1 in lymph node organ
more » ... ymph node organ culture. Using peptide-specific antibodies, lectins, and recombinant L-selectin, we detected the following species of GlyCAM-1: unglycosylated (<28 kDa); modified with GalNAc only (28 -33 kDa); modified with sialic acid, fucose, and sulfate but lacking L-selectin reactivity (40 -50 kDa); and mature (L-selectin-reactive) ligand (50 -60 kDa). Pulse-chase labeling at 15°C suggested that GalNAc is added in a pre-Golgi compartment. Treatment with brefeldin A almost completely blocked sulfation, indicating that this modification occurs in the trans-Golgi network. Two distinct sialylation events occurred in the presence of brefeldin A, while fucosylation was partially blocked. We conclude that sialylation precedes both fucosylation and sulfation during biosynthesis. This ordering will help to identify the critical acceptor structures recognized by lymph node glycosyltransferases and sulfotransferases.
doi:10.1074/jbc.270.38.22614 pmid:7545681 fatcat:vfshyqollfbsfn3eq5mwfn6olu