From Kantian-Reinen Vernunft to the Real Dark Energy Density of the Cosmos via the Measure Concentration of Convex Geometry in Quasi Banach Spacetime

Mohamed S. El Naschie
2015 Open Journal of Philosophy  
The paper argues strongly in favour of the opinion that Kantian pure reason could be implemented via pure mathematics to reveal a true deep aspect of the fundamental monads of the real physics of the cosmos. Thus using a remarkable pure mathematical-geometrical result stating that under certain conditions a manifold will have 96 percent of its volume concentrated near to its surface, we conclude that the 96 percent dark energy causing the edge of our universe to expand is a direct consequence
more » ... irect consequence of this pure geometrical result. From this viewpoint we could generalize our finding to mean that scientific philosophy is not only an important ingredient of human cultural existence but a real immensely important tool in analyzing the reality of the cosmos at the quantum level as well as its large scale structure.
doi:10.4236/ojpp.2015.51014 fatcat:ldoxpx6cojaevaeny3r7ntkd3m