Thermal/structural dynamic analysis via a transform-method-based finite-element approach

1987 Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets  
The paper describes a generalized transform-method-based finite-element methodology for interfacing interdisciplinary areas, with emphasis on thermal/structural dynamic applications. The purpose of the paper is to present an alternate approach for interdisciplinary analysis via a common numerical methodology for each interdisciplinary area, and therein outline the potential of the proposed formulations. Characteristic features of the methodology and fundamental concepts are highlighted for the
more » ... ighlighted for the interdisciplinary areas of heat transfer and structural dynamics. Details of a Laplace-transform-based finite-element interface methodology are described and applied to discrete-type flexural configurations subjected to rapid surface heating. Results obtained demonstrate excellent agreement in comparison with analytic solutions and/or conventional finite-element formulations. The methodology offers potential for thermostructural applications, and the concepts outlined, it is hoped, will provide avenues to interface other interdisciplinary areas as well.
doi:10.2514/3.25902 fatcat:zgcyio22ajavzexgjvnmlv5tvq