Anisotropy of the thermal and laser output properties in Yb,Nd:Sc2SiO5 crystal

Yuqing Zhao, Qiangguo Wang, Lihua Meng, Yongping Yao, Shande Liu, Na Cui, Liangbi Su, Lihe Zheng, Huiyun Zhang, Yuping Zhang
2021 Chinese Optics Letters (COL)  
The anisotropy of thermal property in an Yb,Nd∶Sc 2 SiO 5 crystal is investigated from the temperature of 293 to 573 K. Based on the systematical study of thermal expansion, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat, the thermal conductivity in Yb,Nd∶Sc 2 SiO 5 crystals orientated at (100), ( 010 ), (001), and ( 406 ) is calculated to be 3.46, 2.60, 3.35, and 3.68 W=m • K, respectively. The laser output anisotropy of a continuous-wave (CW) and tunable laser is characterized, accordingly. A maximum
more » ... output power of 6.09 W is achieved in the Yb,Nd∶Sc 2 SiO 5 crystal with (010) direction, corresponding to a slope efficiency of 48.56%. The tuning wavelength range in the Yb,Nd∶Sc 2 SiO 5 crystal orientated at (100), (010), and (001) is 68, 67, and 65 nm, separately. The effects of thermal properties on CW laser performance are discussed.
doi:10.3788/col202119.041405 fatcat:szuejt2g3na5hkbfy7f3z2umn4