A CMOS Quadrature Signal Generator for Impedance Spectroscopy Measurement Systems

Alejandro Márquez Marzal, Nicolás Medrano Marqués, Belén Calvo López, Pedro A. Martínez Martínez
2018 Jornada de Jóvenes Investigadores del I3A  
A CMOS fully integrated quadrature signal generator for on-chip impedance spectroscopy (IS) applications is presented. Frequency can be digitally tuned from 5 to 350 kHz with 12-bit resolution. Power consumption is 0.77 mW and active area is 0.129 mm2. Its suitability for the target application is validated with a Randles test impedance cell modelling a protein.
doi:10.26754/jji-i3a.201802742 fatcat:s2wv77pxtngfxc2gppkifjqffu