Н. М. Ткаченко
2020 Juridical science  
The relevance of the article is that effective work on the protection of children and adolescents requires coordinated cooperation between the executive authorities, public institutions of education, health, social protection, as well as public organizations working to prevent negative phenomena in adolescence. Today, the issue of improving the efficiency of central and local executive bodies, guardianship and care bodies aimed at prevention of social orphanhood, development of comprehensive
more » ... ial services for children deprived of parental care and families with children in difficult life circumstances remains relevant, introduction of new technologies of social work with such children and families. The mechanism of interaction of executive bodies with public organizations engaged in the field of protection of children's rights is insufficiently effective. The purpose of the article is to, based on the analysis of the achievements of legal science, the provisions of domestic law and law enforcement practice, to identify and investigate problematic issues regarding the administrative and legal regulation of the interaction of the subjects of combating social orphanhood. The article outlines the problematic issues and features of the administrative and legal regulation of the interaction of the subjects of combating social orphanhood. The system of measures for child protection in Ukraine is determined; the order of interaction of the subjects of the system of social services; interaction of entities implementing measures in the field of prevention and counteraction to domestic violence; social prevention measures in the family, children and youth environment; basic principles of state policy on social protection of orphans and children deprived of parental care, as well as persons from among them; the order of registration of children who are in difficult life circumstances. It is concluded that despite significant successes on the part of the state in the face of authorized executive bodies and local governments to prevent and combat social orphanhood, it should be emphasized that the state social policy, the implementation of which largely depends on the interaction of these bodies, should be aimed at strengthening the social protection of families in the context of socio-economic transformation of Ukrainian society.
doi:10.32844/2222-5374-2020-106-4-1.20 fatcat:ltksdu5mlbfljimqdb3qpy4i44