Adsorption Behavior of Molybdenum on Modified Mesoporous Zirconium Silicates

Hamid Sepehrian, Syed Waqif-Husain, Javad Fasihi, Mohamad Khayatzadeh Mahani
2010 Separation science and technology (Print)  
In this study, mesoporous MCM-41 has been modified by incorporation of aluminum ion as a rapid, simple and inexpensive method for modification. The adsorbent is characterized using powder X-ray diffraction and nitrogen adsorption-desorption isotherm data. The distribution coefficient of cadmium ion on the mesoporous aluminosilicates has been enhanced with the increase of the aluminum in the framework of the adsorbent. Adsorption behavior of cadmium on the Al10MCM-41 and Al20MCM-41 adsorbents
more » ... been studied and experimental adsorption isotherm is successfully described by Langmuir model. The maximum adsorption cadmium capacity was 11.5 mg g -1 . The effects of pH and adsorption kinetics have also been studied by batch method and the result shows pH of solution hasn't any effect on cadmium adsorption.
doi:10.1080/01496390903423519 fatcat:qdamiug6cbepbpptahhcle2lgi