Operating a Virtual Organization (QKC) to Be Effective as a Curatorial Platform

Sheng-Pin Kuan, Horng-Linn Perng
2020 Universal Journal of Management  
This is an act ive and progressive program. Quality Knowledge Co mmun ity (QKC) is organized by a group of members of Chinese Society for Quality (CSQ) voluntarily. The reason why we call QKC a virtual organization is that it is an informal organization in CSQ; it has no obligation for anybody; its members come fro m different educational levels, experience, age, job position, geographic; it was stem fro m QCRG which was a seminar group that had been active for mo re than 30 years. We have
more » ... years. We have seminars twice a month. In addit ion, we communicate on various kinds of knowledge websites . Firstly, we clarify our v isions, goals and strategies, then we utilize technology roadmap to develop short-term, med iu m-term and long-term plan of QKC, we name it "QKC Road map 2016~2024". We deploy annual plan referring to the roadmap and check it quarterly, and then we build a living mechanis m to assure "QKC Road map 2016~2024" running effectively, we call it "A Time Stamped PDCA". Through the Internet informat ion trend, we can also collect valuable in formation based on our own cognition, and then attach new interpretations and mean ings to establish a co mmun ication and operation platform fo r innovation and quality management knowledge to identify these documented information and knowledge that improve the quality of life, product quality, service quality, environ mental quality, and hu man quality for global Chinese and people fro m worldwide who agree with CSQ / QKC to share and apply. This is the new interpretation of CSQ / QKC, the platform of curat ion era for professional quality knowledge. This article tries to depict how QKC can operate such kind of virtual organization fro m the stage of forming, storming, norming, to performing.
doi:10.13189/ujm.2020.080403 fatcat:mxilpto6ona5ngh7nn5eiagvza